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Best Five Comments on the Panic Hour Wing Bowl Video

I attended Wing Bowl 22 with my good friends Poe and Rachael, and our coverage on video painted a less than flattering picture of the attendees and the event in … Continue reading

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2002 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Strategy Targeted Appalachia’s “Number One Cash Crop”

According to the 2002 annual report of the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Program, the HIDTA effort in Appalachian states was focused on … Continue reading

January 15, 2014 · 1 Comment

On the “Shock” over those behind the “Close-Gitmo push”

Fox News has published a bunch of letters it appears they made stand together in groups at gunpoint. The letter clusters highlight the appropriate shock that American citizens should apparently … Continue reading

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You have to see these Graphics from an Air Force Special Programs Security Briefing

Full document 

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Research Hacking – Searching for Sensitive Documents on FTP; Captchas and the Google Governor

If you want to find *sensitive documents using Google search (*documents with impacting information which someone does not want revealed, more or less), I’ve found that in addition to targeting … Continue reading

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Blackwater GSA Schedule 84 Security Services Pricing Catalog

Found included in documents I’ve been posting here and those published on the Declaration, a nice reference: the Blackwater GSA Price List (General Services Administration Schedule, GS-07F-0149K) 30 August 2006. You’ll remember Blackwater … Continue reading

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Alexa O’Brien Donates Transcript of Historic Manning Verdict | Free Barrett Brown

Alexa O’Brien Donates Transcript of Historic Manning Verdict | Free Barrett Brown.

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First Release: Internal Documents, DHS Federal Protective Service Officers and Megacenters

Monday I published an article to the Declaration which introduced documents detailing the operations and contracting history for the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service Philadelphia Megacenter. The following … Continue reading

December 5, 2013 · 1 Comment

Initial Response from FEMA Regarding FOIA Request

On November 1st I submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for all of its records related to the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center. This … Continue reading

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The Department of Defense Information Operations Condition (INFOCON) Decision Matrix

Employing meta-search methods for online research about which I have been tweeting and writing, I found myself in possession of a copy of the Department of Defense Information Operations Condition, … Continue reading

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Brookfield Properties Emailed the Park Police About McPherson Eviction Plans

This morning I was looking at documents from a sleeper archive of mine, these in particular from a FOIA request grant regarding the US Park Police and the Occupy DC … Continue reading

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The Problem is that They Don’t Acknowledge this Problem

We could ignore everything wrong with pattern analysis and predictive policing (as in it usually amounts to statistical racial profiling) as they are used in fusion centers – and the … Continue reading

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Recommended Read: AI and the Future of Free Journalism

1. Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth; 2. Its first loyalty is to the citizens; 3. Its essence is a discipline of verification; 4. Its practitioners must maintain independence … Continue reading

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Forensic Indexing, Metadata, and the DVIC Privacy Policy

When doing research on a subject that has some measure of obscurity by design, such as the fusion center in Philadelphia, the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center (DVIC), I often find the … Continue reading

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