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More Information on Facebook’s Ability to “Lock” Devices Permanently from Their Site, at IACP 2013

Earlier today I posted a report on discussion at a panel at the recent police chiefs conference that wrapped up in Philadelphia yesterday. In the panel a senior representative from the Chicago Police Department discussed his work with Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan to permanently block user from the social media platform by account, Internet location, and device. I also reported that the technological means of identifying the device was not stated, however upon reviewing my record of the discussion I noted two methods mentioned: by Voice Internet Phone Network (VIPN) number , and phone PIN, Personal Identification Number.

“….So at the very least they’re probably going to have to get a new computer or a new phone, because as we all know all that information can be culled from either a VIPN number or a PIN number from a phone. It’s all documented, they can actually lock it if they want to.”

The next voice you hear is that of Chuck Wexler, the Executive Director of the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF).

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3 comments on “More Information on Facebook’s Ability to “Lock” Devices Permanently from Their Site, at IACP 2013

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