Research: Intercon Security

A friend asked me to take a little time looking into a company called Intercon, a security and investigation services firm based in Toronto, CA, and according to my friend and contact Intercon admitted to infiltrating the Occupy Toronto movement. I’m far too exhausted to be very productive but still curious nonetheless.

On the second page of results for the query intercon security occupy toronto was a PDF, a ‘Tenant Design & Construction Manual’ for a commercial high-rise on Adelaide St in Toronto called Lombard Place.

As it turns out, Intercon provides various building security solutions for building owned by Brookfield Properties, who [gasp] also owned the building in front  of the OWS encampment, in fact Zuccotti Park itself.

It’s also worth noting that someone has changed every instance of “InterCon” to “InterClown” on the Wikipedia page. 

My interest is had.


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