On the stuff terrorism is made of

I was thinking after my visit to the Fusion Center with my friend Mike (and being asked if we were terrorists while taking pictures of the honest to god police mannequin in the Oregon Avenue guard booth), and talking to Jo, about how incendiary my posts yesterday regarding a police officer possibly hurting our Miner might seem in this climate where arrests for ‘threatening’ facebook posts regularly occur. The post:

If a police officer were to shoot my dog, they’d have to add at the least a severely tased if not bullet-ridden 6’5″ man to the paperwork. There’s almost never a reason for this, barring a rabid Clifford.

I’m not taking anything back. I don’t own weapons and will not obtain one to protect my dog, I’m pointing out a common sense notion that I will be angry, and that real consequences should be expected, out of anyone’s control, when an officer of the law needlessly and willfully kills a person’s loved one.

So I guess what I’m saying is, please don’t raid my house and shoot my dog for saying I’d be infuriated if you shot my dog. Thanks.


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