Profiles in Courage: National Guard Police Academy & Active MPs Partner for #Manning Court-Martial

It’s not often I get to talk about real heroism in action.

Due to the need for heightened security, military police with the Maryland National Guard conducted its annual training at Fort Meade from June 2 through Friday to provide support to its active-duty counterparts.

Original Photo Fort Meade Soundoff

Original Photo Fort Meade Soundoff

From the Ft. Meade SoundOff: 29th MPs provide additional post support

Thank you, Army police and enhancing forces, for protecting the Army from the Manning journalists and protesters. Maybe they can step down security now that @Wikileakstruck is out of the picture.


Free Bradley Manning - Photo from the Bradley Manning Support Network
Free Bradley Manning – Photo from the Bradley Manning Support Network

Army Police

Approximately 45 members of the Maryland National Guard’s 29th Military Police Company partnered with the 241st Military Police Detachment and the Directorate of Emergency Services to supplement security for the installation during the beginning of the court-martial of Pfc. Bradley Manning.

“We have been performing law and order operations including entry-point security, trial security and patrol duties,” said 2nd Lt. Christopher Larkin, 29th MP Company platoon leader.

He explained that the unit’s responsibilities included crowd control during demonstrations at the gates, ensuring that demonstrators did not attempt to access unauthorized areas, as well as conducting security inspections of randomly selected vehicles.

Due to the trial, there was a large increase of personnel traveling on and off post. While individuals were allowed to attend the trial, camera equipment and political signs were not permitted.

Once the trial was under way, the duties expanded to more law enforcement tasks including assisting post MPs in identifying and ticketing drivers using cell phones while operating a vehicle, seat belt enforcement, responding to domestic violence and sexual assault incidents, directing traffic during an installation run and assisting when a vehicle rolled over, said Capt. Toriono Davis, 29th MP Company commander.

More epic coverage:

Ft. Meade SoundOff: Manning Verdict Is In.


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