Hidden Watching: Stumbled Across a University of the Arts Project at 1 a.m.

More on this soon.

Northwest corner of Broad and Vine, same location as the photographs from above. I realize that this means I was might have been filmed at 1:15 a.m. taking those pictures.

From Hiddenwatching.blogspot.com

Project Information

The ubiquity of surveillance and other types of video-recorded watching has become a fact of our existence in modern times; this can be clearly seen in Edward Snowden’s recently leaked revelations about the NSA’s surveillance practices and capabilities, as well as in the use of social media in the reporting of news stories like the Boston Marathon bombing, or the political unrest in Turkey, Egypt and other countries around the world.

Great minds such as English author George Orwell and French philosopher Michel Foucault have published their thoughts on the matter of surveillance, but we are interested in finding out first hand what is happening around us. By recording public pedestrians of the corner of Pine and Broad Streets, we are hoping to gain insight on how awareness (or lack of awareness) of surveillance affects individuals’ behavior. The surveillance recordings are planned for only one hour each day for a week. Still images from the videos will be posted to this blog the day after the videos are recorded.

Although we feel that the unorthodox camera angle combined with the low resolution of our zoomed in video stills give the pictures posted to this site an added level of anonymity beyond what an individual might reasonably expect to experience in an everyday appearance in the public realm, we would like to state upfront that we are sensitive to the wishes of those who would like images of their person removed. If you appear on an image (or images) on this site and would like that image (or those images) to be removed, you may achieve this by contacting us at uartswatch@gmail.com.

No photographs taken during this project will be presented in a misleading or defamatory fashion, or for commercial gain.

101_2993 101_2992 101_2991 101_2990 101_2987 101_2986


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