US Accused Of Blocking Pakistani Drone Strike Survivors From Speaking To Congress

State Department delaying indefinitely visas for Pakistani Rafiq ur Rehman, whose children were injured in a drone strike that killed his 67 year old father

Dispatches from the Underclass

Rafiq ur Rehman and his two children, 9-year-old Nebila and 13-year-old Zubiar, are from the tribal regions of north Waziristan, an area of Pakistan that has been devastated by US drone strikes. Last year, Rafiq’s children were injured by a drone strike that also killed his 67-year-old mother (the children’s grandmother), Mamana.

Rafiq’s story is featured in an upcoming film  by Robert Greenwald of the Brave New Foundation. Here is a clip:

The family has been invited to testify in person about their experience at a Congressional hearing, which marks the first time Congress will hear from survivors of the CIA’s drone war. However, the hearing has been postponed indefinitely because the State Department refuses to grant a visa to Rafiq’s lawyer, Shahzad Akbar, a legal fellow with the British human rights group Reprieve and the director of the Pakistan-based Foundation for Fundamental Rights.

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