Reports: Many bigots to be together in a group October 19th in Philly

Reposted from the Declaration

The Philly Declaration

I was walking home on 21st, at Walnut, and a flyer caught my eye.

The flyer was posted to alert citizens to a gathering of “upwards of 50 hardcore racists and fascists” set to meet in Fairmount October 19th (at some Germanic-ish monument). PhillyANTIFA reported that last year the Keystone State Skinheads (KSS) were among sundry deluded interest groups that made a paltry showing.

I easily found a blog from 2009 reporting a cheery event for people of Nordic-European descent (white people). Now, the postings about the event are like a frightening Edda of ethnic cleansing, with lots of mystic-sounding language about preservation of culture and intrinsic qualities of bloodline. The event itself seems to be a place where people who are generally white and generally disposed to ignorant superiority over people of color/unknown creed/people who wear funny hats that aren’t Christian can feel welcome to wave whatever flag while bleating…

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