Iraq, which has Executed 132 in 2013, Executes 47 More on Terrorism Charges – Ministry of Justice

Iraq announced yesterday that it had carried out 47 executions over two days. Iraq has been urged by the UN, repeatedly, to place a moratorium on all executions. Under the Coalition Provisional Authority the country began a process of “de-Baathification” to rid the government of any residual influence of Saddam Hussein’s regime (Iraq’s Accountability and Just Act of 2008 defines de-Ba’athification as  “the procedures… to intellectually, administratively, politically, culturally and economically dismantle the Ba’ath Party system in Iraqi society, state institutions, and civil society institutions.”  Alarming is that despite legislated and professed intent to reform, the government seems to be continuing to systematically purge itself of people should, now that ten years has passed since war was brought to its door, be considered “the political opposition.”

Iraq’s press release

Screenshot from 2013-10-11 09:03:31


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