European Parliament Calls on Member States to End Complicity in US Renditions


An EU statement from 2009 acknowledged member states’ role in illegally kidnapping and rendering terror suspects in cooperation with the Central Intelligence Agency, the same year President Obama announced that the US would continue the policy. The European Parliament said Thursday, pointing to revelations such as those regarding the PRISM program made through documents revealed by Edward Snowden, that there is evidence that cooperation with renditions has continued, and must be stopped. They further called upon states to fully investigate and hold accountable those responsible for extant abuses.

 US-led CIA rendition and secret detention programmes: impunity must end.

The climate of impunity surrounding EU member states\’ complicity in the CIA’s secret “rendition” and detention programmes has allowed violations of fundamental rights to continue unchecked, as revealed by mass surveillance programmes run by the US and some EU member states, said the European Parliament on Thursday. MEPs want Parliament\’s right to investigate such violations in the EU to be reinforced, and again urge EU institutions and member states to investigate the CIA operations in depth.


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