International Association of Chiefs of Police #IACP2013 – Tuesday Schedule, Interrogation Panel and More

I’m posting my tentative schedule for today at IACP, the panels and exhibitors I’ll be covering. It’s subject to change:

First I’ll be attending the Second General Assembly where Ed Davis, outgoing Boston PD commissioner, is the keynote speaker – 10:00 AM

Next, checking out a variety of “Poster” events in the lobby and exhibit hall, until 1 PM.

3 panels of particular interest today:

“Empowering Intelligent Law Enforcement with Predictive Policing,” a demo of IBM’s i2/COPLINK/SPSS technologies.

At 1 PM “Improving Practices of Interrogation” – I’m especially interested in this panel, as it features Susan Brandon, the Unit Chief of the High Value Detainee Interrogation Group (see Jeff Kaye’s posts on Firedoglake tagged with her name). This panel also includes Mark Fallon of ClubFed, LLC, Par Granhag of the University of Gothenburg, and Christian Meissner of the University of Texas at El Paso.

And at 3:30 I’m attending “Addressing Online Radicalization to Violence,” with the Director of National Security Criminal Investigations for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Anna Gray-Henschel, John Markovic of the DOJ, George Selim, Director of Community Partnerships at the White House, and Shaarik Zafar from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. 



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