Chicago Police Department’s Facebook Graph Search To Stop “Cyber-Banging”

While it does not mention any direct work with Facebook, ReadWriteWeb’s Oct. 10 feature gave an overview of social media surveillance and response techniques and technology the Chicago Police say are helping them stop gang violence.

“The police department worked with a local sociologist to develop the social mapping strategy, that documents and predicts behaviors similar to how platforms like Facebook and Twitter track our relationships and conversations. The network analysis is like a real-life version of Facebook’s Graph Search, the social search tool that analyzes likes, connections and conversations to produce user-specific search results”

Chicago Police Use A Real-Life Graph Search To Stop Crime – ReadWrite.

Yesterday I reported that Chicago PD were working with Facebook to block users who post criminal content from the social networking site by device ID, and I posted a clip from a video I recorded at a panel of police chiefs discussing social media surveillance.


The clip posted was preceded by a depiction of Chicago’s gang culture presence on social media, which led to the officer’s introduction of the department’s work with Facebook to curb “incitement” online.


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