Interrogation Experts from the War on Terror Come to Philly to Teach Local Police from around the World


At the police chiefs conference this weekend there was a panel of leading *experts in the discipline of interrogation, including a NCIS special agent who said the proposed interrogation practices that became the SOP for the War on Terror would ‘shock the conscience of any legal body,’ and disturbingly a core architect of the methods used at Bagram and elsewhere, who said “I am not an interrogator, I have observed many interrogations, some overseas.”

Interrogators tasked with rounding up all of Al-Qaeda, sending many to Gitmo, came to provide guidance to local law enforcement on best practices from their study on rapport and coercion based approaches to extracting information.

The panel began with an animated clip voiced-over by Eddie Izzard as Darth Vader.

–In the original version of this post I quoted an NCIS “lawyer,” – the speaker on the panel was not an attorney, but a Naval Criminal Investigation Service special agent.
– Kenneth

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