Brookfield Properties Emailed the Park Police About McPherson Eviction Plans

This morning I was looking at documents from a sleeper archive of mine, these in particular from a FOIA request grant regarding the US Park Police and the Occupy DC encampment in McPherson Square. The documents are part of a larger collection of FOIA and the product discovery in criminal proceedings obtained by D.C attorney and National Lawyer’s Guild member Jeffrey Light. I’m sure the following has been published about before, I added what I think are notes worth consideration.

The first document in the folder (titled 000008.pdf) is an email from Don Orcutt on behalf of Brookfield Properties, proprietor of Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, along with the response from the Park Service. In his email Orcutt says he has received communications from various cities regarding their respective plans for evicting Occupy Wall Street encampments, he mentions Portland and Denver in particular, and he asks the Park Service for any information they can give regarding their own plans to remove occupiers at McPherson.

Email from Don Orcutt to Lieutenant Marshall of the US Park Police
Email from Don Orcutt to Lieutenant Marshall of the US Park Police

US Park Police Lt. Jerry Marshall tells Orcutt that they have been meeting with the US Attorney’s office and documenting offenses, but had no present plans to remove the encampment.

This email exchange is roughly contemporaneous with the “consultation” provided via the Police Executive Research Forum between police departments, including Denver and Portland, regarding their respective Occupations.

The full text of this email is below, and I will be uploading and sharing the entire collection in my possession as I am able.


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