First Release: Internal Documents, DHS Federal Protective Service Officers and Megacenters

Monday I published an article to the Declaration which introduced documents detailing the operations and contracting history for the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service Philadelphia Megacenter. The following is a brief description of the DHS Megacenters, a listing of internal documents obtained via confidential source, and a first posting of what will eventually include many hundreds of records which relate to the same agencies and contractors. I am currently reviewing thousands for release, the source is currently active and still protected by the Declaration for ongoing investigations.


Federal Protective Service (FPS) Headquarters is located in Washington, D.C. Regional offices are geographically located in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Fort Worth, Kansas City, and Washington, D.C. Other sites include the Far East and the Caribbean.

“The Federal Protective Service (FPS) MegaCenter monitors multiple types of alarm systems, surveillance cameras and wireless dispatch communications within federal facilities throughout the nation. Always in operation, the Center is equipped with state-of-the-art communication systems to make it a unique and vital communications link between FPS law enforcement personnel on the street and contract security guards located at various FPS-protected facilities.”

Screenshot - 12042013 - 05:38:58 AM

Primary: Covenant Security Solutions (CSS), a division of Covenant Worldwide, a Chicago IL company in the news since 2003, most recently in 2010, after scandals including tipping off employees of Covenant Aviation Security, its airport security division, working as TSA screeners at San Francisco International and Los Angeles International airports, about undercover inspections by the TSA, were reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, and elsewhere.

CSS successfully bid on a comprehensive contract for all 4 Megacenters – Denver, CO; Battle Creek, MI; Suitland, MD. The first center built was the Suitland facility, responsible exclusively for the many Federal properties in the Washington, DC facility. The following three were completed shortly after.

Companies involved: Honeywell, Covenant, Gonzales, Excalibur, Computer Sciences Corporation, Centurion

FPS/Megacenter Documents:

These are the documents I’ve vetted for personally identifiable information, metadata, and compromising data regarding a source. This list will likely need updating as I continue to parse the documents corpus – further links will be posted here or in future publications.

A first document is embedded as an overview sample

Department of Homeland Security solicitation 

Overhead for Protective Service Officers (PSO) Philadelphia 

Gonzales Consulting Services Megacenter/PSO 

DHS-FPS-PSO Philadelphia

Comprehensive Technical Proposal, Covenant, Philadelphia Federal Protective Service

Covenant Basis of Estimation 

Subcontracting by PSO site 

DHS Request for Information

All Positions, subcontracting 

DHS FPS Megacenter FTE 


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