On the “Shock” over those behind the “Close-Gitmo push”

Fox News has published a bunch of letters it appears they made stand together in groups at gunpoint.


The letter clusters highlight the appropriate shock that American citizens should apparently feel at the personal histories of those involved in efforts to obtain transparency regarding US detentions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the overall movement to have that US Naval base closed. The author, Jeffrey Gordon, formerly worked at Gitmo, and is irresistible to female journalists.

An apt rewrite was presented in the comments of a Facebook post of a subject of the impotent expose, Jason Leopold. The author of the rewrite, Sarah Kay, gave me permission to reproduce it on my blog. Enjoy enjoy enjoy:

“On saturday, January 11, a coalition of “close-Gitmo” forces is expected to march on Washington to commemorate the 12th anniversary of detention and interrogation operations.

Though the march from the White House to the National Museum of American History is purportedly about advancing those weird soviet concepts they call “human rights” and this absolutely inane, childish idea of “stopping torture”, a closer look at some of the participants Fox News has found through a vague Google search reveals a more troubling, some might say hidden, agenda. it was so hidden, I, investigative reporter JD Gordon, dug a few “facts” from my picnic basket.

If more real patriots knew who is behind this campaign, there would be nationwide outrage, somewhere in a forgotten Utah province sadly unreachable for comment due to the polar vortex, another proof there is no global warming, but I digress.

While everyone seems to agree on principle and on paper about those rights of the human beings to live under one flag and one god, and this idea what we should stop torture – in an ideal world where no terrorism exists -, Americans, all of them, any of them, should not be fooled by these false red flags with a gold hammer and a sickle meant to damage US power and prestige, that we thankfully restored with the use of torture.

Just dig a little deeper into this Wikipedia page that I made myself of who has been driving the anti-Gitmo disinformation campaign these past 12 years, and we discover an international, fervently anti-American, far-left coalition attacking the nation through a savvy propaganda effort. (*)

This includes those linked to Al-Qaeda financiers, those same men we seek to imprison and who joined the coalition as supporters of human rights; communist groups, anarchist movements directly derived from Proudhon – backed by sympathetic “independent” and non-White House approved press and politicians probably all living in the babylon that is New York City.

Let’s take a look at the key players:

Amnesty International. Along with HRW, AI was revealed as a partner organisation to Al Karama, a human rights non-profit run by Qatar’s Abdul Rahman Omeir Al-Naimi. To hammer my point home, I will link you to a beacon of perfect objectivity, Eli Lake.

Center for Constitutional Rights. CCR was founded by another communist lawyer probably joining a union in the 1960s, a sad time for the United States, a man who told the press his goal was to “destroy society from within”, a well-known anarchist theme overarching every single constitutional law class in the world. The Constitution itself was in fact the work of communists seeking to undermine the Founding Fathers. CCR’s signature work over the past decade was to coordinate the “Gitmo Bar Association” of 500 lawyers representing detainees. Lawyers representing detainees… be scared, America.

Reprieve. A British organisation that has clearly not read the memo we had sent Margaret Thatcher in order to force our former owner that they needed to comply with our intelligence methods, it pressures release of British citizens, under the false assumption that there is a “state sovereignty”. Here is a list of people British prisoner Shaker Amer is friends with, although we can not confirm he knows of their existence, but Richard Reid was a shoe-bomber, so clearly they must have known each other.

World Can’t Wait. Actor Sean Penn is in it; see another one of my pieces in which I advocate for the deportation of Sean Penn and deprivation of his US citizenship.

Jason Leopold. Leopold is a former Los Angeles Times investigative journalist with a checkered past that is clearly incredible, since no journalist that would fit Dianne Feinstein’s definition would dare ever have a life, a past, or abide by non-patriot behavior. Although I did not subpoena medical records, I can tell you that Jason Leopold suffers from mental illness (he is, after all, one of the key players of this “human rights” cult). Jason Leopold is a former investigative journalist and is currently employed by Al-Jazeera, but his pieces are long, complex, derived from personal investigation and fact-checking, he is advised by a lawyer, and has visited the prison numerous times; there is no need to dwell on the work, the man clearly has issues. I, investigative reporter JD Gordon, can officially attest of having been born last year, hereby having no past, and have never personally engaged into any kind of ethical reporting whatsoever. I will never end up in a weird 2005 WaPo piece written by one of my colleagues, a “media critic” (he hates the media).

This is who Obama is trying to appease.


According to facts and numbers I will never source, one-third of prisoners that have been released have returned to terrorism (their homes, school, their families, etc – engaging in acts of terrorism).


JD Gordon is a retired Navy Commander and an objective member of the journalistic community of Fox News.


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