Best Five Comments on the Panic Hour Wing Bowl Video


I attended Wing Bowl 22 with my good friends Poe and Rachael, and our coverage on video painted a less than flattering picture of the attendees and the event in general.  Some enthusiasts took issue with our portrayal. The following are the top 5 comments posted on the YouTube video, as shared by Poe on his facebook page. You can also watch the video below.

Gumby at WIng Bowl
Gumby at WIng Bowl

1. Are you scumbag fucks from philly? I Really hope not. If so I will definitely make it my job to run you out of my city. Your best bet would be to delete this account

2. Best part is at 1:15 where the condescending asshole gets corrected. What a tool.

3. Your r a homo. You interviewed the most wasted people there!!!!!!!! I would never go but they raise a lot of money for charity.

4.Fuck you if you dont like wing bowl Fuck you go to france you pansy,
cuz france is a cuntry of fag bois who luv peen and butthole.

And I like this last one:

5.So the Jason-Schwartzman-abortion, the bald dude, who looks like a community college professor, and the asian SJW-erette showed us that something, which just has to suck, indeed sucks. Time well spent guys. Keep making the world better and keep fighting the patriarchy and white men with a video that is on the level of Jay Leno’s Jaywalk.


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