NYPD has cameras everywhere, here’s details and relevance

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The NYPD Domain Awareness System can be configured with video “tripwires.” These trigger an alert when persons matching a certain description enter view of cameras which cover much of a 4 square mile area of lower Manhattan. The most complex analytic capabilities, like facial recognition, are deployed most at “near field” locations, like at MTA turnstiles.


Documents obtained by activists revealed photo dossiers were maintained by the NYPD of multiple demonstrators.

See the Intercept’s August 18 article on surveillance of Black Lives Matter protesters at Grand Central Station and elsewhere.

“I’m pretty sure that photo is from Penn Station, so they definitely had it on file or something. If you look at my A14 pictures, I caught some serious stuff — cops pushing people over,”  protest photographer Alex Seel told the Intercept.

There are plenty of camera views at Penn Station, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central, and other locations throughout the transit system, the NYPD would have little need to walk away from its video wall to track activists’ movements.


​Help me get $200 by the end of the weekend and I’ll publish the complete as-installed camera network of the NYPD TARU ARGUS system and Lower Manhattan Security Initiative


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