Images and Media by Kenneth, 2011-2013

From June of 2011 until March of 2012 my significant other Joanne and I traveled the country – starting with our meeting in Washington, DC. We met others at the Bull statue at Bowling Green September 17 and marched to Zuccotti Park, were we set up camp on occupied until October 5. On October 6 we traveled to Washington, DC to help begin the encampment at McPherson Park. After a week at OccupyDC at McPherson, a family tragedy brought us to my hometown of Birmingham for several months, where we were also able to help start an encampment of the already active Occupy Birmingham. From Birmingham we traveled several places, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and elsewhere, before coming to Philadelphia to establish some permanent quarters. The following images and videos tell that story in rough chronological order, with explanations where the timeline deviates. All media is mine unless otherwise noted as images or video of me taken by someone else. There are 13 galleries below, click on the images to visit the full collections.

Gallery 1: Occupy Wall Street


Gallery 2: Occupy DC


Gallery 3: Birmingham


Gallery 4: School of the Americas Watch


Gallery 5: Etowah County Detention Center


Gallery 6: Occupy Congress (Washington DC)


Gallery 7: Wichita, Kansas (Koch Industries, KXL Pipeline protest)


Gallery 8: Denver (ICE Immigration Detention and a “Fuck the Police” march)


Gallery 9: Santorum Mic Check, Oklahoma City


Gallery 10: Hurricane Sandy


Gallery 11: Philadelphia


Gallery 12: Chicago NATO Protests

NATO State Police

Gallery 13: Other Places and In-Betweens

"Hidden Watching'

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